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Do you know how hard it is to figure out who might buy one of our houses?  It is almost impossible…but, boy is it fun! It reminds me of when I used to play Barbies with my cousins and we had that huge Barbie Dream House blinged out just for Barbie and her baby sister because we didn’t have any Ken dolls!

We incorporated this former hall coat closet into a larger walk-in pantry off the kitchen.  We chose food storage over coat storage!

We spend a lot of time imagining, but we also think about how the house speaks to us and what we would want if we lived in it.  Many others in this business put the same finishes, the same paint colors, the same tile in We can’t imagine doing that!  It would be like having no presents to open on Christmas day! It is the absolute most fun we have in this job. Every house is different, with a different personality, a different feel…we try to pull that out of every house we do.

  See how much fun we have picking out beautiful things?

In the real world, we have to think about whether a family or a single person will live in the house. Will they be newly married, or newly retired? We think about whether they’d want a big pantry with an accompanying large kitchen for parties and family meals.  Do they need a separate dining room for more formal affairs, or do we take down that wall and give them one eating area for every meal? Do they need a bigger master bath or a bigger hall bath for several kids…Do they even have kids?

While we always take pride in our work, not every project we do is our own personal favorite. When you run a business remodeling homes to sell, the numbers have to work.  We ALWAYS want to do more and we ALWAYS think bigger than our budget. Ultimately, we have to remind ourselves that this is a business and the business has to make money. So, sometimes we have to let go of that added-on garage, or that patio with the fireplace and the HUGE TV that I so wanted those pretend buyers to have for the Super Bowl.

It is hard to match everyone’s needs and tastes, which is why we often have to make the houses neutral.  We do play around with trim walls and we sometimes throw in a bright accent color; but, you won’t find any floral wallpaper in our houses (except our own, of course!).

Our hearts go pitter-patter every time we see this picture.  Oh, how we heart that wall!

We went over to the wild side to have a little bit of fun when we chose this fun accent color.

With our best efforts, we lay a foundation for our future buyers and show them all of the potential in their home, while allowing them to also make it their own.  We stage the home to show them how a patio could look; where their TV could go; how they could entertain in their backyard. We love to drive by our old projects and see that owners have added on or done things to make it their own, using our staging recommendations.  It’s like watching your babies grow up and go out on their own. 🙂

Everyone needs a great place to relax, pop open a cold one, cozy up by the fire, and wipe a bit of marshmallow and chocolate off their face.

Patio-Schmatio!  All you need is a patch of grass and the backdrop of some beautiful foliage to create an outdoor seating area for a date night that is sure to impress!

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