Two Keys to a Gorgeous Christmas Table

Christmas is right around the corner, so let’s talk about how to decorate a gorgeous Christmas table that’s fit for the occasion. In our book, there are really just two keys to decorating a good Christmas table: greenery and contrast.

With these keys, your table can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like it to be – it all depends on your style and how much time you want to put into it! We’ll walk you through the steps with two different tables to show you how to tweak the rules according to your own taste.

Step One to a Beautiful Christmas Table: Greenery

First, let’s talk about greenery.

Greenery is festive and elegant – and it fills out the center of the table. There are no strict rules here. You may choose to use an artificial eucalyptus garland, fresh fraser fir, a faux pine garland, fresh eucalyptus, magnolia leaves…the options are endless. Use what you have or what you love.

Our favorite greenery for tablescapes is this artificial eucalyptus garland. It’s gorgeous and incredibly versatile, so you can repurpose it year-round. We’ve used it for a fall front porch, a Thanksgiving tablescape, a fall mantle, etc. You’ll get so much use out of it!

It also looks great paired with a lamb’s ear garland – here’s how we paired them together for this Christmas table.

Gorgeous Christmas table

Another option we love is this table with a flocked pine garland and pinecones. We added some magnolia leaves to it as well – because why not.

Christmas tablescape

So take an inventory of what greenery you already have and how you can put it to use on your table! If you don’t have anything that will work, pick up some fresh greenery from your local florist or grocery store. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, you can almost always find fresh eucalyptus there!

Our only guideline for greenery is making sure that there’s enough greenery. You should have enough to cover the length of your table. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough greenery so that your centerpiece looks somewhat full. Don’t stress about it being perfect – especially because you’ll be adding other items as well! But, if you’re worried about it looking like a few sprigs thrown on the table, add a table runner and layer the greenery on top. Depending on your style, you may prefer to use a table runner anyway. We loved this adorable runner with red ruffles and just had to use it for a Christmas table.

Step Two to a Beautiful Christmas Table: Contrast

The next thing you’ll want to consider when putting together your Christmas table is contrast.

By contrast, we mean either contrasting color or a contrasting height. Again, this depends on your style!

If you love a Christmas red, use it! It contrasts beautifully with greenery and makes for a gorgeous Christmas table. For this particular look, we added in some red ornaments and arranged them around the garland. If you have trouble getting the ornaments to lay correctly, just secure them to the garland with floral wire! Then, if you’d like, wrap the whole garland in pretty ribbon like we did here. Voila!

Instead of ornaments, you may prefer to add in some red for contrast with fresh pomegranates or red berry stems.

If you’re not the biggest fan of red and prefer neutrals, then consider using some golds and whites and adding in some height.

Christmas table eucalyptus

Here, we added a couple white candlesticks on gold candlestick holders, mercury glass Christmas trees, white pillar candles, and bottle brush trees. Again, use what you have. Have a pretty lantern? Add it! Have some pretty votive holders? Use those.

The key is to add in some varying heights – the eye loves contrast!

And there you have it. Two steps to a beautiful Christmas table and two of our favorite Christmas tables for inspo.

Extra Credit: Place Settings

To complete your Christmas table, go all out and dress up those table settings! You can use cute napkin rings, Christmas wreath candle rings, cute place cards – whatever you like most!

Our favorite, simplest option? Gold charger plates and some pretty ribbon wrapped around linen napkins and flatware! You can’t go wrong with that!

If you liked this Christmas table tutorial, be sure to check out our Thanksgiving table tutorial and Christmas tree tutorial as well. Happy Holidays!

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