The Larger, Newer Greencove Master Bath

We stole space from other rooms to create an impressive master bath that turned out to be one of our favorites.

You can see the rest of the Greencove master suite here. And don’t miss the show-stopping kitchen in this house — find that here!

Tile, and mirrors, and faucets…oh my! Talk about things that will make you gasp! We are so happy with how well this master bath came together.

As we mentioned in our master bedroom post found here, we stole room from an adjoining bathroom to make this master bath bigger. We were able to enlarge the shower, and create a more private area to place the toilet. It’s still a bit small in size, but it packs quite a punch!

The tile in this room is absolutely gorgeous and makes such a statement in this room. No boring white tile here! There are actually five different tile patterns at play in the room, and four of them are in the shower. They all work together but bring their own unique elements. We love the wood and marble accents; and, who doesn’t love a navy herringbone?!

The different tiles all work together to bring texture and personality to this space.

The floor tile is a thick concrete tile with such a playful pattern. These tiles are thick and heavy (concrete!) and can cause issues with floor heights since they are bigger than your average tile. It will take some work on your subfloor and on your threshold at the door to get it to work, but we love to use this type of tile — it brings personality and character to the room. You’ll notice we chose not to cover it up with a bath rug.

The fixtures and hardware on the vanity are done in a finish we’ve never used before. These champagne bronze faucets from Delta were our initial inspiration for this area. They command your attention, and they are such an important part of this room! We knew we wanted sconces on this wall, but matching or even complementing the champagne bronze proved a challenge. After two tries we finally found sconces that worked.

We were excited to find this cabinet hardware at Home Depot that matched the champagne bronze finish perfectly. The bonus was that there were two options! So we combined the cups and the pulls and gave the vanity a little variety.

For the mirror in this room we originally added one large horizontal mirror. It would have worked fine, but it did not really add anything at all to the room. We also thought it did not provide enough height. We really wanted more personality. That’s when we found THE mirrors. They were a lucky find at Home Goods. These beautiful black mirrors added the finishing touch to this bathroom with their dramatic color and their far-from-the-ordinary shape.

The mirrors were the perfect shape and size for this room!

This small but mighty space has so many wonderful and different elements that all work together to give this bathroom an incredible look and feel. There will be no short showers here!

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