It is our pleasure to recommend the services of CHC Homes (Crystal H. and Holly C.). As owners of a 45 year old home in mid-town Raleigh, we had received numerous offers from investors who wanted to purchase our house for remodeling and resale. These investors offered the usual perks of purchasing the house “as is”, cash closing on our schedule, no commission and no fees. So we allowed one company to evaluate our house and make an offer. Their offer was so low, it was offensive. Thus we declined the offer and mistakenly assumed that all investor companies were similar. We were wrong.

Fortuitously, a neighbor told us about CHC Homes and we were soon in contact with Crystal and Holly. These women evaluated our house and offered a fair price. After checking with previous clients (who gave them great reviews), we accepted their offer to purchase our house. They worked with our tight schedule and arranged a convenient closing.

Thanks to CHC Homes we were able to move without the added burden of cleaning the house or making repairs. All aspects of the sale went well. We were very pleased and would use CHC Homes again if we had another house to sell!

Neil & Lydia

My wife and had lived in our North Hills home for several decades when we needed to consider moving to a retirement community. Our options were to list the house as is, or update for future listing, or sell to a professional renovator who would sell the renovated house later.

In Crystal and Holly we found remarkably talented renovators who did a terrific renovation on a house less than a block from us. They were understanding of our situation and worked with us to set a move-out date that would suit us best for our move into our new apartment, and even allowed a short period afterwards during which we could completely empty the house. Our neighbors are really pleased (and therefore we are happy) about our decision since several other houses on the street have been demolished and replaced by much larger houses which are somewhat incompatible with the neighborhood.

Crystal and Holly were delightful to work with throughout the process, so we have no hesitation in recommending them to other potential clients.

David & Artis