What a gift to buy a home from CHC! There is not much that was easy about buying a new home in a different state during a global pandemic as first-time home-buyers and first-time parents with a baby. We fell in love with our home on our son’s first birthday and knew that day that this house in this special neighborhood is where we wanted to see him grow up. From beginning negotiations to the closing to post-inspection hiccups, Holly and Crystal at CHC went above and beyond to make the process go smoothly. Without ever meeting them in person, every question we had and any concerns raised were addressed swiftly with the utmost professionalism and kindness. After we moved into the house, we had a plumbing issue that was unresolved from the inspection and CHC came to the rescue immediately – they sent in top-tier crews to get it cleaned up and fixed. They knew we had a baby at home and did everything to ease our worries and troubles. Of course, the little touches of custom cookies and champagne on our move-in day were so special — but it was really about the feeling that this is “our home” without us having to think about how to bring the design together — with unique light fixtures in every room, and soft, cool blue and grey tones throughout the house. Not to mention, our awesome custom swings in the sunroom and on the porch, which we enjoy every day! There’s nothing easy about transforming a 1960’s home the way CHC did into a “new-ish” home for a young family, but they really did it and we are so happy. We highly recommend working with CHC in any capacity – they are super special people who live up to their stellar reputation!  

Mindy & Phil

My parents purchased the house at 5216 Inglewood Lane in Raleigh in 1977 when I was a junior in high school and my sister a senior in high school. We didn’t grow up there in our early childhood days but we spent many good times there with family and friends, including our summer times back at home during college. This neighborhood in North Hills was complete with wonderful neighbors, great places to go for walks as well as shopping nearby, and a convenient location that made it easy to get to wherever we needed or wanted to go.  Fast forward over the years, my sister and I were married with children, my sister and her family living in Savannah, and me with my family closer by in Fuquay-Varina.  As my parents aged I would bring up the topic of selling their home from time to time since it was simply too big for the two of them to manage well and was more space than they needed. They loved their home and wanted to stay as long as possible, so that’s what happened!

In the spring of 2018 things changed due to the health of my dad and my mother’s passing in June of that year. Once my dad recovered, he was ready to move and ready to sell, so my sister and I got on the bandwagon to get their home ready.  Their home was filled with love and memories and lots of stuff to go through, so it took a few months for me to get to the point of contacting real estate agents.  In the late fall of 2018, I contacted and met with several different realtors.  I wasn’t ready to go with any of their recommendations so I kept working on the house to get it cleared out.  While each realtor was professional, I didn’t feel any of them were the right choice or fit for me – it felt like we were on opposite sides of a team in our discussions on the house.  

One weekend in early January 2019, I was working at the house by myself, and was taking a load out to my car for give-away items.  The next door neighbors of my parents (Steve and Jennifer) were out in their yard and came over to say hello. I actually knew Steve to some degree because he and their boys helped my dad with walking my dad’s dog. Although I knew his wife’s name, it was actually the first time I had met Jennifer.  My parents had both spoken so highly of them over the years so I was glad to stop to chat further.  Steve and Jennifer asked what I wanted to do with the house and I laughed out loud and said ‘sell it!’, then shared some of my disappointment with the realtors I had met so far. Jennifer spoke up and said she knew of some people who bought and restored houses in the North Hills area and asked if I wanted their names. I accepted and soon after, Jennifer texted me the names of two or three she knew or was familiar with. I chose one of the suggested names at random and so ended up calling Crystal of CHC Homes to introduce myself and bring up the topic of my parents’ house. We had a really nice conversation on the phone and we arranged to get together. I then met Holly and Crystal in person on January 26, 2019 –  a rainy, muddy, gray sky Saturday.

Here’s where my testimony actually begins when I meet Holly and Crystal on that Saturday. I was accustomed to realtors who showed up rain or shine in their best dressed attire, complete with high heels. These ladies showed up in weather appropriate attire with duck boots. They won my heart over the duck boots, honestly. We went through the house and walked the yard and through our conversations  I knew they had worked on other houses on the same street, knew some of the neighbors and had a love for the area. They also had a VISION for the house! They spoke in low key excitement as they looked around on what ‘could be’ even in the state of ‘what was’ with my parent’s house. My parent’s house had been loved but needed real work and improvements by this time. Crystal and Holly left that day and said they’d be in touch, and I hoped to my core that we could work something out because I felt that it was a great fit and we were on the same team.

Crystal and Holly sent me an email with an offer to purchase the home, but with that offer, they included various alternatives of what I could do should I not choose their offer. By that time I had done enough research on my own and through my experiences with the other realtors, could easily agree with their cost and benefit estimations of the alternatives. I accepted their offer after discussing it with my dad. I was thrilled to sell my parent’s home to people who this mattered to- who loved the area and loved creating new out of the old!

I simply could not be any happier with what CHC Homes did with my parent’s house. They accomplished a very much needed transformation into a really beautiful and upgraded home ready for more love and more memories for a new family. They were brilliant with their designs and changes! I loved everything they did to my parent’s home, and it fits perfectly in the same neighborhood, complete still with wonderful neighbors, great places to go for walks as well as shopping nearby, and a convenient location that makes it easy to get to wherever you need or want to go!

Cheers CHC Homes, a job more than well done!

Becky C.

It is our pleasure to recommend the services of CHC Homes (Crystal H. and Holly C.). As owners of a 45 year old home in mid-town Raleigh, we had received numerous offers from investors who wanted to purchase our house for remodeling and resale. These investors offered the usual perks of purchasing the house “as is”, cash closing on our schedule, no commission and no fees. So we allowed one company to evaluate our house and make an offer. Their offer was so low, it was offensive. Thus we declined the offer and mistakenly assumed that all investor companies were similar. We were wrong.

Fortuitously, a neighbor told us about CHC Homes and we were soon in contact with Crystal and Holly. These women evaluated our house and offered a fair price. After checking with previous clients (who gave them great reviews), we accepted their offer to purchase our house. They worked with our tight schedule and arranged a convenient closing.

Thanks to CHC Homes we were able to move without the added burden of cleaning the house or making repairs. All aspects of the sale went well. We were very pleased and would use CHC Homes again if we had another house to sell!

Neil & Lydia

My wife and had lived in our North Hills home for several decades when we needed to consider moving to a retirement community. Our options were to list the house as is, or update for future listing, or sell to a professional renovator who would sell the renovated house later.

In Crystal and Holly we found remarkably talented renovators who did a terrific renovation on a house less than a block from us. They were understanding of our situation and worked with us to set a move-out date that would suit us best for our move into our new apartment, and even allowed a short period afterwards during which we could completely empty the house. Our neighbors are really pleased (and therefore we are happy) about our decision since several other houses on the street have been demolished and replaced by much larger houses which are somewhat incompatible with the neighborhood.

Crystal and Holly were delightful to work with throughout the process, so we have no hesitation in recommending them to other potential clients.

David & Artis