Stunning Master Bath Retreat

A Master Bath retreat 
reveal to remember

An unforgettable master bath renovation.

Don’t miss the amazing kitchen remodel in this home.  You can find it here.

It’s time to walk through the MASTER BATH transformation of the house we lovingly deemed “Brookhurst Senior.” We ended up buying a second house on Brookhurst after we bought this one.  That’s right, you guessed it, we call that house “Brookhurst Jr.”  If you’re anything like us, you love a good master bath tour! Let’s get started, come on in…


First of all, We LOVE pink. Like, really. We’re actually huge fans of it. In the right shade, of course. But, let’s be honest, MAUVE and green have had its day. Am I right? I am SURE this bathroom was simply amazing when they built this house.

The “before” shot.

So, we didn’t have a ton of space to work with but one thing we always try to do is make it as large as possible, while still working within the footprint we have. I’m not sure why in the 70’s they insisted on framing down showers to create caves. (Any builders from the 1970’s, please, hit us up! Tell us WHY!) But really though, we know there must’ve been some reason they did it. Since we can’t find a reason to keep these, that’s one of the first things to go! Bye Felicia.

GETTING STARTED: Our thought process during design.

Here is what we wanted:

  • 2 sinks!
  • Make that shower as BIG as possible
  • Light, subtle colors (because darker colors make it feel more tight!)
  • Luxurious hotel/spa like feel
  • Large mirror

FIRST THINGS FIRST: We knew the entrance was important and we wanted it to be fabulous especially since it is directly across from the master bed. We selected this elegant door slab and adorned it with the most beautiful chrome handle and installed it with this sleek barn door hardware.

A barn door makes everything better!

LAYOUT: We loved the gorgeous sunlight pouring in during the day so we kept the general layout and the window!  We did remove the closet/storage on the left because it closed in the space, and we were able to make the shower a tad larger.

SELECTIONS:We wanted a relaxing, inviting palette. We started by selecting the vanity and then the accent tile to set the tone of the room. We love this ‘fog’ color of the vanity and we stacked the center drawers to create a furniture feel.

We love how these pulls transform this vanity into a piece of furniture.

The MOSIAC ACCENT TILE in the shower is so dreamy, ya’ll. The arabesque shape you see is a deep clear glass you can see all the way through and it’s surrounded by a gorgeous Carrara marble. These come in 12/12 sheets and they are so stunning, I’m not ashamed to say we’ve used them more than once. 🙂

The FLOOR! We loved the way these light grey wood tiles on the floor brought the whole look together. We topped the vanity with a Carrara marble to further tie together the look. The subway wall tile in the shower is a porcelain tile with a faint marble look. Gorgeous!

FINAL TOUCHES: We call this the jewelry phase, and who doesn’t love THAT?

We were set on finding the perfect pieces for our vanity to achieve the ‘dresser’ look. The right hardware is so important! We loved these beveled knobs and the pulls were just right. For the mirror, our amazing and perfect carpenter, William, created this framed mirror based on our sketches.

WE LOVED the idea of setting the sconces in the frame. (Fancy, riight?) We also added a couple of strips of wood to anchor towel hooks next to the shower. We love hooks. Functional. Tidy. Cute

LIGHTING: The sconces themselves actually deserve their own blog post. We had used these once before and were so incredibly impressed with the quality and look. When we ordered them from Pottery Barn we loved them, but when they arrived. Please. It was like Christmas in July. Or June. or whenever we got them in, but I’m telling you. My heart could hardly take the gorgeousness. Obviously, we couldn’t help but order them again for this space, and thank goodness we did!

We hope you enjoyed our tour through the “Brookhurst Senior” master bath. If you missed the kitchen reveal, check it out HERE! Stay tuned as we add more!

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