Rethink Your Space: Home Renovation Ideas

If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you know that we’re passionate about rethinking spaces. As fixer uppers, we love turning houses into dream homes – and we love sharing our tips, tricks and home renovation ideas so others can create their dream homes, too! We believe that home renovation is so much more than upgrading countertops, cabinets, and light fixtures. It’s about seeing every single space with fresh eyes. It’s about thinking creatively, seeing different possibilities, and thoughtfully considering how to make everything beautiful and functional.

With years of renovations under our belt, we’ve learned that the problem isn’t usually that there isn’t enough space. The problem is typically that space isn’t being put to its best use. By making a few switcharoos, or stealing a little space from one area to make room for something else, you can fit a lot more than you’d think.

So if you’ve always dreamed of a nice, big laundry room or a huge walk-in pantry, but you’ve decided it’s unattainable, it may be time to rethink that. You may be able to get your dream renovation after all!

Let’s walk through a handful of our favorite transformations to offer you some renovation ideas and inspiration – and, if nothing else, prove that the possibilities are endless.

You ready?! Let’s get started and find you some extra space.

Rethink Your Closets & Storage Areas

First up, let’s talk about your storage space. And before your skin starts to crawl, listen up – we love us some storage. Our point here is not to convince you to get rid of all your storage. We just encourage you to rethink it.

Sometimes we have far more storage space than we really need. So, ask yourself: is your storage space helping your home work better for you? Or will some of the extra space you gain help you even more? Do you need that extra closet, or do you need to drop off a donation box at Goodwill? Space is precious…so make sure your clutter isn’t stealing all of it.

Second, consider whether you actually like your storage spaces themselves. Do you really like that particular closet? Or would you like a brand new mudroom even more?

In fact, that’s just what we did at our Faulkner home. By getting rid of this closet, we were able to put in this stunning mudroom. And guess what? Plenty of room for storage bins here.

You get the point. Take an inventory of the storage areas of your home, ask yourself the hard questions, and see whether you just might be able to give up a little storage in exchange for something better.

Rethink Your Formal Living Room

Another important thing to rethink is your formal areas. Formal living rooms can be beautiful, but they aren’t for everybody. For a lot of families, they’re pretty rooms that just sit abandoned most of the time.

Is that you? If so, consider what would serve your family better.

For many, a home office is much more practical – especially after the transition to working remote! By adding some built-ins and some new doors to a formal living room, you can get a fabulous space that you’ll probably use much more. Take a look at one of our favorites:

Rethink Your Formal Dining Room

Likewise, a formal dining room may not be the best use of space for your family’s needs. Again, a home office may be a better option for you!

And if you’re really creative, you can get even more out of it. With our Woodsmith house, we not only converted the dining room into a home office – we also stole a little space to make room for a big, beautiful walk-in pantry!

Gotta love a two-for-one deal!

Rethink Your Landing Space

Another thing we like to consider is the landing area. These can be some of the trickiest spaces, can’t they?! They’re often too big to leave empty, but too small to be useful. If you have some extra room to spare, put some thought into how you might steal and repurpose the space.

Take this home renovation as inspiration:

By stealing that extra landing space (and the closet!), we were able to put in a nice big laundry room. The laundry was previously located in a closet in the kitchen, so this was a huge upgrade!

Not sure how to work with the landing space for your home renovation? Reach out to a trusted home renovator who can help you think through it!

Rethink the Whole Enchilada

Some home renovations are easy swaps – like an office for a dining room – but often, it’s best to rethink the whole layout. Lucky for us, we get a certain thrill out of a good game of home Tetris. 🙂

Check out what we did at our Inglewood house. With a little closet removing and rearranging, we hit the jackpot: the downstairs got a new mudbench, laundry room AND walk-in pantry.

There you have it! A handful of ways to transform your spaces and get that dream home after all. 🙂

Need more help? Reach out to us at design@chchomesnc.com and ask about our e-design services. We LOVE to help you solve your puzzles and design spaces you’ll love for years to come.

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