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Modern Farmhouse Mudroom Reveal

Modern Farmhouse Mudroom reveal; and a step-by-step tutorial on designing the mudroom of your dreams!
(Plus 5 things you absolutely should not do when creating a mud/laundry room.)

Whether you are designing your new mudroom, just beginning to dream one up, (or maybe you’re just in love with design like us!), we can’t wait for you to see this mudroom reveal! We designed this custom space for our clients from scratch, since this was an addition. (YAY, for blank palettes!) We packed a lot in this small space because we had a lot of ‘wants’ to squeeze in, but wow, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in personality!

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If you’re just finding us for the first time, WELCOME, friend!! We couldn’t be happier that you have found us! We are CHC Homes. We design spaces, and flip homes (but we much prefer the term ‘fixer-uppers’!). We really pour our heart and soul into our jobs, and we spend way too much time making sure the lighting is just right and the paint color is spot on. Every house we do is full of customizations and charm. “CHC” is really just our initials squished together. I am Crystal, my initials are “CH” and my business partner is Holly, who’s “HC”, so if you put that together we are “CHC”. (Fancy, I know. We roll like that.) But I digress. We hope you hang out with us, have fun and get inspired! Check us out on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tiktok

Beginning in the right place: First things first, you really need to think some things through in order to fully create your perfect space. Holly and I LOVE beautiful spaces, but we also are huge fans of functionality. So, here’s a quick ‘getting started’ checklist for you.

Things to consider when designing a mudroom:

  • What are the main functions of the space?
  • How much space am I working with?
  • Plan your ideals- what would you love to have in your mudroom?
  • Pin some dreamy spaces that really inspire you!

The first and most important thing to consider when designing a mudroom is what are the ‘main functions of this space’? What purpose will this space serve? Will it be just a mudroom or a mudroom/laundry combo?

The second point is how much space are you working with? This is crucial and will steer your decisions moving forward. (No need to dream about a farmhouse sink if you are working in a tight space!!) I know, I know, I hate to say that but it’s true. However if you are just trying to get a mud bench in, you can fit that almost anywhere!! If you are hoping to do a mudroom/laundry room, you will need to plan for 5 feet of space for the washer and dryer. After that, see what you have left for the mud bench or whatever else is on your wish list.

Ideals! Dream it up, baby! This is your space, design it for what you love! Always dreamed of open shelving? Does a farm house sink make you swoon? Keep these things in mind and just SEE if you can squeeze it in! Quite often, you can!!

PIN, PIN, PIN! This is so important. You really need an inspiration picture or 2 to make sure you accomplish what you want. Jump on Pinterest, and get inspired! We see time and time again, without inspiration, you really can’t achieve the look you want. Once you find your inspiration, you can make it your own from there. Maybe it’s a picture of a mud bench that is a dramatic deep green color with a gorgeous gold chandelier that just stopped you in your tracks. Build on that look and make it your own! Find a deep paint color that’s perfect for you and a similar light to emulate that same “WOW” you thought the first time you saw the picture. After that, you’ve got the framework for a room you really love. Fill it with artwork that speaks to you or items that are meaningful. That’s how you create a space that is truly something you will love.

5 things you should not do when designing your mudroom

  • Don’t forget to “look up”! Even if your room lacks in space, don’t forget you can go vertical for storage or shelving, etc.
  • Don’t choose the wrong flooring. Flooring is important! Be realistic about your choice, this is an area that will see moisture so consider an LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or a tile floor.
  • Don’t install plumbing on a slab. If you are adding laundry space or considering a sink, we would hesitate and only do that if you absolutely had to. This means it is harder and more difficult to install and maintain when (not if) problems arise.
  • Don’t neglect to involve the proper professionals. A design professional, an architect, plumbers, etc. are typically worth more than they charge to help you figure things out. They do this everyday. Find the right team, and then, trust them.
  • Don’t finish space without getting the proper permits and going through inspections. This can cause you issues down the road possibly when you sell or refinance. It’s better to do it the right way anyhow!

This mudroom was created for our clients, who are truly amazing people. They really wanted a mud/laundry room but honestly, we weren’t sure it was going to happen. They were doing a large renovation, remodeling their existing 4 bedroom home to better suit their growing family and also allow for guests to have a comfortable place to stay. We designed everything for them, completely reimagining their entire home but we really fought for finding the space for the mudroom/laundry combo. We spent time on countless floor plans trying to squeeze it in, but with everything else they needed, it just didn’t seem to be in the cards.

We really wanted them to have this space, and we know what an impact this space will have on their growing family so we came up with the crazy idea of stealing a little space at the back of the garage for it! They had a big garage to start with and we only needed the back 5 feet or so. Of course this added to their budget but, in the end, they got everything they were hoping for (an awesome mud bench, a laundry space complete with farmhouse sink, open shelving and even some hidden surprises!!) Check it out!

This is how they will be entering their home since it’s right off the garage, so the first thing we did is determine the best place for the entry door off the garage. We chose right in the middle. This was perfect since it divided up the space for our “mudroom” area and “laundry” area!

There are a lot of hidden features in this space. The white door on the wall is hiding storage shelving and a place that was built to perfectly house a wall mounted ironing board and steamer. We also left space above the dryer for the homeowner to install drying racks, an ironing board, hanging racks or whatever they need.

We installed quartz tops which will be awesome for them in a laundry room for durability and beauty.

This client wanted closed ‘lockers’ for the mud bench and we love the look! When we sketched this design up we wanted to lean modern with the style. Sleek, simple, and still farmhouse with the gorgeous wood bench. The paint color we chose is Lagoon, by Sherwin Williams and this fun pop of color is just what this space called for!

This mudroom walks into the home at the livingroom and since this room was a long rectangle we knew it had to be impressive from that vantage point. We saw the ‘money shot’ in our heads from the beginning, that back wall had to be gorgeous!!

We may have looked at 200 different wallpapers before finding this perfect Tempaper design! We loved it right when we saw it, it’s fun, bright, happy and pulled the room together perfectly, just like wallpaper should! The good news is, should the homeowner change their mind, this is removable wallaper! They promised us they loved it, but it’s sure nice to know! 😉

So, here’s what we started with. It was literally the back of their garage. They still have a great sized garage but now they have this ‘bonus’ space as well! Pretty good trade off in our eyes! Can you see the new space in the old space? 😉 Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your home!! (How much better would ‘laundry time’ be in a space like this!) Thanks for stopping by friends, and if you want to see the rest of this remodel, stay tuned and make sure you are following us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for the latest posts! ~ Crystal and Holly

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