Christmas Fun, Elf on the Shelf Tricks

Elf Tricks

Some really funny things our elf has been up to this year! New elf on the shelf ideas to share with your elf friends! 

Yep! They are back, it’s that time of the year! I’ll tell you what these elves know no limits to the amount of fun they have in our house! If your elf is getting tired of coming up with fresh new pranks to pull and fun to have, Freddy, our elf is happy to share some of his antics from this year!   

We love our elf, he brings us so much joy! This year he has really pulled some funny tricks out of nowhere! PS You’ll see Freddy is blinged out with a beaded necklace my daughter made for him. (He’s so fancy now!) He got a new sweater last year and the year before. They look SO SIMILAR to ornaments we saw at Michael’s! Like he bought them and just took the little hangers out and slipped them on! So cute!

Ok I digress…The first wow was this! So, Freddy, our elf, that stinker, he must’ve been super excited when it snowed. He knows you MUST take advantage of a situation like that, and he must have somehow brought that snow inside and he built himself his own little snowman in our freezer! The kids didn’t find him for awhile but boy were they surprised when they did! How cute is that snowman?!

Speaking of taking advantage, you know, tis’ the season to be baking up a storm. This season is all about the tube-o-dough, but it still counts! I promise the kids don’t mind! Well, that sneaky elf MUST have grabbed a little bit of dough while we were baking and that night was making his own little cookies! We have these tiny cookie cutter for making cake pieces out of fondant. I think we got them on I should charge him a rental fee. Those are mine!

Ok. This elf might drive me insane and the kids KNOW it. Goodness, I hate waste, and this boy used TOILET PAPER and made paper snowflakes in the LOO! Not sure I can really recommend this Elf on the Shelf idea! Waster!

One morning we woke to find Freddy roasting marshmallows. The candles were not lit, but we knew what he had been up to!! (We lit these candles to get his pic!) He took one of our kabob sticks that we had and cut it down to work perfect for him and a mini-marshmallow! That crafty little guy.

Another day, Freddy had brought the kids a little gift, tiny apples! Do they grow that way in the North Pole? Who knows! I did see some similar ones at Whole Foods, and elves DO get around, you know! Anything tiny, it’s like they scoop it up whenever they see it! Maybe he was just doing his regular grocery shopping and saw them and thought “These would be perfect for me to bring the kids!” We may never know! Either way, the kids thought they were fabulous!

This elf on the shelf does it all, I tell you. How’s this for an elf idea? Draws his own picture! So elf-ish, right? 😉 But the kids loved it, especially since they got to keep his picture even after he returns home to the North Pole.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our Elf on the Shelf ideas from our crafty little visitor! We’d love to see what your elf has been up to! Post on social media and tag us! #CHCHomesDesign

Here is a quick list to recap:

  • Elf on the Shelf builds a mini snowman in freezer
  • Elf on the Shelf makes tiny cookies
  • Elf on the Shelf makes toilet paper snowflakes
  • Elf on the Shelf roasts elf-sized marshmallows
  • Elf on the Shelf brings tiny apples
  • Elf on the Shelf colors self portrait

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