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A Glorious New Mudroom

A 1960’s remodel gets a brand new mudroom and a second laundry room to create a functional family space.

*The paint for this post was provided by Behr Paint Company but all paint color and product selections, design choices, and opinions are our own.

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Have you ever tried to carve a mudroom out of your current space? Maybe you just found a wall to hang hooks, or maybe you were able to change a closet into a bench with hooks. When we design our houses we usually have to work within constraints like these and use the existing home space. But not with this house! We actually did an addition and were thrilled to create one from scratch. There was a breezeway that connected the main house to a workshop and we decided it was best if the space was connected and reconfigured.

The original breezeway that became our new space.

The old workshop became a garage, but only a one car. (We wish there was space for more, but there wasn’t!) We thought if a 2-car family or couple moved in, one would likely be parking in the garage and the other in the driveway. It was important to us to create an easy way to enter the home no matter where you parked. (Hello 5,000 grocery bags!) That’s where we started on this design process.

The main level of the house did not have a guest bath — you had to either run upstairs or down! Who wants that? The laundry was in a closet in the basement, which is not usually ideal. We decided to turn the breezeway into a half-bath, laundry/mudroom, and a sunroom on the rear. We did keep the original laundry room as well so now this home has 2 spots for a washer and dryer! I don’t know about you, but we could sure as heck use two sets in our house!

After we decided on the best door locations, we laid out the best spot for the bench, and for the washer and dryer. This mudroom is open and visible from where you walk in the house. It is past the dining room and kitchen but through a cased opening, so very visible. Way early on, we knew that was an opportunity for a “WOW” and set out to design around that! We decided on an “L” shape for the bench to best utilize the space, but wanted to make sure it would be something commanding attention from a distance since you would see it from the main part of the home. When you have an opportunity like that, it’s important to do it right!

The view from the foyer.

For the mud bench design, we adore simple lines, so you won’t see a lot of fussy trim, but we are suckers for big old crown up top. Our most stand-out feature on this bench is really the BIG “X’s” we had framed out for each mud bench spot. We have painted mudroom benches white many times, and we found in our own homes that it just doesn’t wear well. It shows scuff marks and dirt very easily. We knew we needed a color that allowed for wear and tear but also looked amazing. We chose to paint it with this deep, delicious blue color by Behr paint called “Blue Metal.” It is bold and rich, and definitely creates that wow we wanted! Large “X’s” + bold color= Gorgeous!

The icing on the cake was definitely the gold hardware and the gold light fixture. Any dark grey, black or blue color deserves gorgeous gold accents, and we cannot get enough of this combo right now! We like to say hardware and light fixtures have got to be right — they are definitely the jewelry and can add that last shine to a space!

We hope you like this fun mudroom. We certainly loved designing it and hope the future owners of this home enjoy it for years to come! Happy designing, friends!

Jute Tote: Ballard Designs
Blanket: Pier One
Paint: Behr Blue Metal
Baskets: Walmart
Light: World Market

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