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A Cozy Fall Fireplace… that Smoothly Transitions to Christmas!

We have a thing for fireplaces…especially cozy fall fireplaces. So in our newest home renovation, we couldn’t resist having a little fun and styling a fall fireplace in the living room.

We wanted a fall fireplace look that was warm, elegant and, well…not too orange. We think this is just right. So if you’re on the hunt for fall fireplace ideas that don’t scream orange, we’ve got you covered. The golds, greens and soft oranges make it perfectly festive without being too much, so it blends in pretty seamlessly with existing living room décor and stands out at the same time. See?

White brick fireplace all dressed up for fall with a eucalyptus garland, pumpkin hearth and lots of light.
Fall fireplace with greens and golds.

And the best part? It easily transitions to winter. So in just a few quick steps, you can make it Christmas-ready. Yep, we’re looking at all of y’all who started listening to Christmas music in September and pull out Christmas decorations after doing the dishes on Thanksgiving. 😉

Really quick before we jump into all the details – we should mention that this fireplace was not whitewashed when we first got our hands on it. We did it ourselves! Here’s the before.

We’re HUGE fans of white brick…it always brightens up a space. So if you’ve been thinking of whitewashing your fireplace but haven’t gotten around to it yet, consider this your sign. 😉 To gather some inspo, check out some of our favorite fireplace transformations here. And if you’re interested specifically in limewashing (especially if you’d like a more rustic look), check out our brick limewash tutorial as well.

Okay, back to the fall fireplace décor. Let’s walk you through how to recreate this mantel and hearth!

Use bed risers to help prop up the pumpkins in the hearth.

What You’ll Need for this Fall Fireplace Look:

Please note that the number of items you will need will depend on the size of your fireplace. Here are some general guidelines to get you started.

  • One large mirror – or a large basket or piece of art that can function as a focal piece for your fall mantel. We’re big believers in using what you have, but do recommend using a mirror or something neutral for this look.
  • Greenery garland (a fake eucalyptus garland works great!)
  • 8 pairs (or near pairs) of assorted candle holders, lanterns, hurricanes, jars. Look for gold, clear glass, and mercury glass – as well as varying shapes and heights.
  • Flameless LED candles with remote controls. These make everything SO much easier.
  • Medium-large pumpkins (10-12). Look for white, soft green and soft orange.
  • White mini pumpkins (10-12)
  • Medium basket
  • Throw blanket and a throw pillow or two (again, opt for something neutral!)
  • Painters tape and bed risers to hold the garland in place and prop up the pumpkins!
Use LED candles to make your fireplace extra cozy.

Styling Your Fall Mantel and Hearth:

1. Arrange your garland on the mantel, using the painters tape to get it to lay exactly how you want it. You can easily hide the tape later!

2. Place your mirror or focal point in the center of the mantel. Then, drop your LED candles in the candle holders and arrange five pairs of the holders on either side of the mirror. You’ll notice that even though our candle holders are arranged symmetrically, the varying heights and shapes keeps it from looking overly matchy-matchy. Play around with these and rearrange until it feels right to you!

3. Fluff the garland, adjusting it so that it flips up in certain places and flips down in others. Then, space out three white mini pumpkins on either side of the mirror and three in the center of the mirror.

4. Arrange the medium-sized pumpkins inside and just in front of the hearth, using the bed risers to prop them up. Again, play with it until it feels right! Add a few mini pumpkins as well to fill in any gaps.

5. Place your remaining three pairs of candle holders on either side of the pumpkins and then your blanket basket and pillow in the corners!

And voila! Your fall fireplace is ready to go.

How to Quickly Transition Your Fireplace from Fall to Winter

Transitioning your home from fall to winter is super easy with this fireplace tutorial. Just three steps and it’s ready!

1. Replace the pumpkins in the hearth with a candelabra or stacked firewood.

2. Remove the mini pumpkins from the mantel and replace with ornaments!

3. Below the greenery, drape a wood bead garland and hang your stockings.

That’s it! We had so much fun styling this – we hope y’all love it, too! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share and pin it! Happy seasonal decorating, friends!

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