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A Gorgeous Christmas Tree in 5 easy steps!

A step by step tutorial on how to create a magical Christmas tree of your own! 

We created this beautiful tree at our Greencove Remodel. If you’d like to see more of this home, check out the kitchen here

Hi friends! It’s our favorite time of year! There is something so magical about the holiday season and every year we just can’t wait for it. The decorations, food, family gatherings, the music, and of course, the dreamy glow of a tree! If you’re wondering how to decorate a Christmas tree, we’ve got you!

Your tree is often center stage for the Christmas holiday, and we want you to be able to really enjoy it. Decorating it should not be intimidating! We’re going to break this down, and make it super easy. Let’s decorate! 


  • Step 1 THE TREE!  You can achieve this look with any tree, real or fake, however we are busy (Who’s not!?) and fake is easier so we went with that this year! This tree is a 9 ft pre-lit, flocked tree from At Home.
  • Step 2 LIGHTS! Keep it simple, for these photos we added none, these are the lights that came on it. If you have a real tree, just add a few strands of warm white lights (This is important.). 
  • Step 3 GREENERY! This could be the most important step! We always add a bit of love to our trees to add variety. This year, we used 5 sprigs that are absolutely gorgeous on their own even, they have a soft, green color to them, and have shimmering white balls, and white ‘snowy’ branches with pinecones.  You could use any soft green beautiful greenery (real or fake).
  • Step 4 ORNAMENTS! Now it’s getting fun, ya’ll. Ok here’s how we do it. We like a variety of ornaments, let’s say 3-5 different kinds (Such as larger gold balls, white snowflakes, smaller silver balls, etc) Put each kind on, ONE at a time so you can assure each kind is spaced evenly. You should have at least 5 of each one, and hopefully more. When you hang them, make sure some are an inch or 2 on the branches, but others should be set back further (like where you can see inside to the trunk) This will add interest and depth to your tree!
  • Step 5 GARLAND! Ok so sometimes you add garland last, but for this tree we used this gorgeous sparkling beaded rope. It’s literally string dipped in glue, then dipped in tiny shimmering beads, (I mean, we bought it and it came like that, but really still- omg gorgeous!). We used 5 strands (each string has 5 strands on it too). We put this on the tree by draping each section. It’s important that the beaded garland hang down naturally, find holes where it will have space to hang, by keeping each swag about the same size. You should have at least 3 rows (depending on height of tree) spaced evenly up and down the tree.

Ok, honest, you could stop here, your tree should be pretty gorgeous at this point but we’ll give you the rest if you want a show-stopper tree! 

  • Step 6 Extra Credit- RIBBON! This step can really sway the look of your tree so it’s important to get it right. We bought several kinds of ribbon just to try it and we ended up with the LAST one we thought would work! We used a white ribbon with a gold plaid on it. Classic and gorgeous! We would recommend starting toward the top and use your hands to curve each section of the ribbon out, making sure it’s not too long on any one part. The way the ribbon comes across the tree should be a curving, natural fall coming down about a foot each section from left to right. We just tucked ours in, but you can also use twist ties to make sure it stays in place. That’s it! 

Decorating a tree really is a simple process, and easy to do once you have a plan! We think everyone deserves to enjoy a beautiful tree! Follow these steps and let us know how yours turns out! Post it and tag us! Sharing is caring! Please pin and share this with others! 😉 

Some last additional tips…

We chose a classic white/gold look. We made sure we kept in the theme by only using gold tones on ornaments and ribbon, some white and a little silver. IF you get a real tree, we recommend flocking it yourself, it’s pretty easy to do, just spray the edges of your tree- outside preferably. The flocking can will be found at craft stores. Good luck, friends! Can’t wait to see your trees! Merry Christmas! 

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  • Beaded Garland- We got these years ago, but you could easily replicate this look, there’s lots of pretty garland out there!
  • Tree basket skirt- Hobby Lobby
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